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You can’t be all the things.

Deepness. Pure deepness.

hannah brencher.

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I want to be all the things.

If I am given a space to simply breathe and be completely honest then that’s the truth I choose to share: I want to be all the things.

I want to be a friend. I want to be a good friend. I want to be a best friend to every little human I encounter. I want to be a sister. A daughter. A girlfriend. A wife.

I want to be the person who gets called at two in the morning. I want to be the one who shows up at the door with coffee and a heart that is just ready and amped for whatever truth you want to let sit square in the middle of the kitchen table. I want to take people as they are. I want to hold people as they come.

I want to be the mysterious one— the…

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Over Chicken Teriyaki…


Mall food courts offer a very raw look into the eyes of humanity.

With an atmosphere that thrives on distraction, superficiality, and side glances instead of genuine eye contact, all of our insecurities are glamorized here. If there is any place where insecurities are encouraged, it’s at the mall.

Over chicken teriyaki is where I study. Study movements, glances, body language, pursing lips, and nervous pleasantries.

I learned that beautiful 16 year olds shift nervously while handsome 16 year olds walk by, while beautiful 40 year olds shift nervously while beautiful 16 year olds walk by.

We are all nervous 16 year olds when our insecurities are illuminated.

I learned that Moms with kids sometimes forget that they are there when a small MAC bag is on a table in front of them like a small shrine… containing a single container of lipstick. The Woman in her smiles while the Mom wipes up spilt milk from the floor.

We all have more than one identity in life… and they all need to feel celebrated.

I learned that elderly couples rarely have anything to say to one another over dinner… but it is never asked if the wife needs help with her purse or bags. It’s implied. He’s got this.

Generations can change over time. Time doesn’t necessarily change generations.

Look up from your phone. Look away from the person sitting across from you. Don’t zone out. Look. REALLY LOOK at the bones, and nerves, and blood, and cells, and magic that is happening around you.

Mall food courts offer a very raw look into the eyes of humanity.

Yours Truly, Andrea

Stop sleeping with liars.

Read this. Pronto.

hannah brencher.


First things first, stop sleeping with liars.

Stop crawling into bed at night, pulling the covers over your body, and letting liars hiss inside your ear: you’re unworthy. You’re not good enough. You’re falling short. You’re a burden. You’re alone.  

These liars take up room. They snicker and grow when you give them credit. They hold tight to your ankles. They make you feel like less: less of a lover. Less of a mover. Less of a shaker. Less of a person.  Please– for the love of lovelier things– do not fling away your life and feed it to the liars in your head that tell you you don’t add up.

You need to stop holding yourself back. The pity party must cease and you must de-invite the little liars to your darkest parts. You need to stop thinking you have never deserved good things for your life. 

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New girl.

So timely. She has no idea.

“…the lie that tells you you cannot become someone different if you want to be. You can.”

hannah brencher.


“Clothes,” I say.

“Plans,” he rattles back.


“You hair color,” he laughs.

We keep going back and forth. Ricocheting against one another. Only the roaring of the washer standing between our breaths of silence.

This was our favorite game. Categories. The game where you exhaust one another with all the possible types of cereal and sports teams you can think of before someone gives up and someone wins out. This was our own version of Categories. The category on the table: things that change.

“College majors,” I said.


“Shoes fall under clothes. I win.”

“Not true,” he denies. “Changing your shoes is completely different from changing your clothes… Keep going.”

“Fine. Profile pictures.”

“Good one,” he says. “Twitter bios.”

“Totally gave you that one.

We could go on for days like this, I kept thinking to myself. We could go on bantering and joking and having one another in…

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Lena Dunham: A Generation’s Gutsy, Ambitious Voice

She is an inspiration!


During the first season of her critically acclaimed HBO series, Girls, Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath, high on opium, tells her parents, “I don’t want to freak you out, but I think that I may be the voice of my generation—or at least a voice of a generation.” The line made waves as people conflated the fictional character with her creator, perhaps not wrongly. How dare a young woman make such a bold claim? All too often our culture tells young women their voices don’t matter or deserve to be heard.

In her debut essay collection, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned,” Dunham demonstrates her 28-year-old voice’s admirable range. While some celebrity essay collections and memoirs are lackluster, even embarrassing to read, Not That Kind of Girl suffers few missteps. Dunham’s cinematic flair translates to the page with vigor and clarity—not unlike the…

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People often assume that as a white female, I don’t have to deal with racism. And they’re right — I don’t.

Thought provoking and a call to action!

Passion, caffeinated


Somebody recently told me that this picture, originally part of the #ITooAmWakeForest campaign (which you can find here:, was incorporated into an article somebody published on the website Total Sorority Move. I wasn’t able to track down the article myself, so it’s possible that it was moved or deleted. The sign I’m holding in the picture reads, “I’ve been asked: ‘Are you a transfer?’ ‘Are you albino?’ ‘Are you lonely?’ Because it’s ‘crazy’ I would want to join a black sorority instead of a white one.” Yes, I have really been asked those things at Wake Forest.

A year and a half after crossing Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in spring 2013, it still strikes me as odd how much fascination and interest is generated simply by my membership in a historically black sorority. I knew long before I joined that I would receive a wide variety of responses…

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