Okay… That Happened.


It’s okay to get caught up in an emotional moment and throw your phone across the room.

“Okay… that happened.”

Some moments are like a rubber band being snapped against your skin. Quickening you. Awakening your senses. Sparking an out-of-body experience where you are watching yourself and you are possibly… probably… cringing.

Your partner simply asks if you loaded the dishwasher after dinner…before you know it you verbally vomit every annoyance or offense you’ve had concerning them from all the way back to their conception. Or… your Mother makes an innocent comment about a photo of you and your ex by saying “You look so happy”… your response is to get up, head for the door and say something to the effects of how you’re glad you are nothing like her, that you didn’t choose to smile through a disastrous marriage, and settle for moments in photos to remind you of what happiness feels like.

“Okay… that happened.”

Or… you throw your phone across the room because you are feeling super stressed, and crazy overwhelmed, and you’re trying to type a post on your blog, and your stupid phone keyboard went janky, and you just wanted to backspace A WORD, but instead your stupid phone keyboard backspace button won’t stop backspacing, and it deletes everything you typed, and you don’t know if the blog app auto saves like it would if you were on a laptop, and so you yell a few choice words and CHUCK your phone as hard as you can across the room. Then you want to cry because you can’t understand why you are SUCH A SPAZZ. WHY AM I SUCH A SPAZZ?! THIS IS WHY I DON’T HAVE A BOYFRIEND! I’M SUCH A MESS! GOD, I HOPE I DIDN’T BREAK MY PHONE!

[Picks up phone]

Okay, cool. It’s in tact. My Precious.

[Goes back to watching dvr’d American Horror Story]

“Okay… that happened.”

Forgive yourself.
Ask forgiveness.
Move on.

There are too many tomorrows filled with the possibility for snags. Don’t let today be your undoing.

Yours Truly, Andrea

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